DSJ Consulting, LLC
DSJ is a full-service, financial advisory consulting firm and are true intermediaries for clients and funding sources.

Our professionals are intimately familiar with the financial resources available to companies who are seeking transactions above $5 million. We are able to move quickly to fulfill the financial needs of middle market companies by arranging funding for transactions as quickly as possible.

Our people have extensive corporate finance experience in a broad range of industries including Internet Companies, telecommunications, mortgage banking, software developers, application service providers, banking, manufacturing, real estate, and numerous high tech businesses

DSJ executives have served as financial architects for a wide variety of transactions to provide the professional advisory and capital market solutions you might need.
Debt and Equity Placement
Mergers and Acquisitions
Litigation Management & Dispute Resolution
Marketing Analysis
Turnarounds & Restructuring

Corporate Finance Consultancy Providing Creative Solutions to Today's Business Challenges
* Debt Settlement
* Release of Assets
* Equity Buy-Back
* Shareholder Buy-Outs
* Standstill Agreements with Banks
* Placement Activities
* Credit enhancements
* Management buyouts
* Expansion Financing
* Real Estate Financing
* Receivable & Inventory Financing
* Purchase Order financing

* Market Assessment
* Marketing Plans
* Business Plans