DSJ Consulting, LLC
DSJ, principals have over 85-man years experience in corporate finance and who have placed over a billion dollars in debt and equity.  We have successfully worked with many company's to help them achieve their goals.  We work with and have personal contacts with hundreds of financial professionals across many different industry specialties.  We have working relationships with venture capital firms, corporate venture capital firms, corporate merger and acquisition firms, domestic and international money center banks, and major investment banking firms, international insurance and re-insurance company's and with numerous high net-worth individuals.  Our contacts are our stock in trade.

Placement Activities
Assist in the creation of the business plan. Identify qualified investors both individual and institutional. Presentation of funding requests to industry forums, venture funds, investment bankers and angel investors. Coordinate outside service providers in law, investment banking, accounting, regulatory affairs and operational management. Negotiate financial terms.

Credit Enhancements
A credit enhancement can make the difference in closing or not closing a financing.  Further, a credit enhancement will improve your cost of borrowing.  DSJ will arrange for and negotiate a borrowers credit enhancements.  We work with manufacturers, vendors, insurance companies and specialty finance companies and other entities. 

Management Buyouts
DSJ will assist management of existing operating businesses to obtain the necessary financing to gain control of a company.  This is done by carefully determining the most favorable methods by which management may proceed than advising and assisting new management with the placement of the required financing.

Expansion Financing
If your Company needs funds to further its business plans in expanding its product line or services, DSJ principals have many years of commercial finance experience having funded over $100 million in expansion financing.  Our sources are quite varied depending on a client's particular need.  We utilize commercial money center banks, specialty commercial finance companies, vendors, insurance companies and world-class international banks.

Real Estate Financing
DSJ principals have many years of professional real estate finance experience having financed over $300 million in properties.  Our preference is to provide advisory and placement services for positive cash-flowing commercial properties.  We will provide acquisition or refinancing services for properties located in all 50 States and US protectorates. Further, we prefer property valuations of $5.0 million or more.  However, we will consider smaller deals on a case-by-case basis.

Receivable & Inventory finance
DSJ will assist in the placement of receivable and inventory funding.  Our principals have acted both as bankers and borrowers during their careers giving them a deep understanding with this area of finance.  Further, DSJ has numerous relationships with lenders who active in this market today.

Purchase Order financing
If your business is sitting on a major order and needs financing necessary to manufacture and deliver the order DSJ can assist you with this particular need.  Our principals have been both bankers and borrowers and are experts in finance.  Don't lose another day, we can assist a Company with your purchase order financing.
Debt and Equity Placement