DSJ Consulting, LLC
Today's business environment can cause a multitude of problems for a company's operations. When sales decline and expenses rise or stay constant even for a short period of time difficulties can arise.  DSJ is highly experienced in assisting management in stopping the financial bleeding by designing, negotiating and completing a financial restructuring. 

We work with the Company and its creditors to design a plan that works for all parties.  These issues are very stressful for management.  Engaging DSJ to hopefully resolve very sensitive circumstances frees up management to focus on the revenue side of its operations. 

DSJ has the knowledge and experience to negotiate effectively on behalf of its clients. As intermediaries we are able to negotiate objectively and bring transactions to closure, thus avoiding conflict between client and lender. This permits our clients to maintain ongoing relationships with their lenders. Our professional presence provides rationality, reason and speed in bringing agreed-upon settlement programs to a successful conclusion.

Debt Settlement
At one time or another many companies find themselves overburdened with debt. This may come about because of a decline in sales, rapid growth or onerous terms and conditions on existing debt that affect a company's ability to survive. The professionals at DSJ have the experience, competency and capability that are required to negotiate with lending institutions, restructure debt and make effective settlements.
As financial intermediaries, we have saved many companies from bankruptcy. In the process, we have been highly successful in restructuring existing debt with substantial reductions. We also establish new financing options to provide the company with breathing room and opportunity to move forward and grow. Our fee structure is based on a percentage of the money that our clients save. We are reasonable, effective and move very rapidly.

The best indication of what DSJ can do for a client is our historical track record of transactions and the debt settlements that have been completed by our professionals.

Release of Assets
We negotiate and arrange the release of assets held by a bank so that the newly released assets may be re-pledged for a new loan. This permits a company to fill orders, increase sales and meet its obligation in the marketplace.  

Equity Buy-Back
DSJ will assist a Company in negotiating the repurchase of the company's shares held by its bank. Banks sometimes will take equity from a company in exchange for debt.  As a company's operations improve, a company may desire to re-purchase the equity held by the bank.

Shareholder Buy-Outs
DSJ can raise new capital for a company so that it may buy out a shareholder who owns a sizable percentage of the company.

Standstill Agreements with Banks
The principals of DSJ have negotiated formal standstill agreements with major domestic and international lending institutions so further payments were not demanded and interest was frozen. This served to provide clients sufficient time to reorganize, restructure and work their way out of financial problems. In several cases these types of moratoriums on debt and accumulation of interest prevented bankruptcy and provided a better solution not only for the company but for the lending institutions as well.
Turnarounds and Restructuring