DSJ Consulting, LLC
We are merger and acquisition experts with a focus on privately held companies in the middle market. Our team of highly qualified consultants analyzes your needs and provides strategic advice, value-added ideas and resources that go far beyond expectations. We know what is happening in the global marketplace, and we understand the issues and trends of the global marketplace.

Merger Consulting
Companies that plan are much more successful than those that do not. DSJ has significant experience in assisting companies in putting together comprehensive merger and acquisition   plans.   As corporate finance consultants, we help clients develop strategic plans that combine the financial potential of the transaction along with the goals and objectives of the company making the acquisition. Our many years of experience, combined with our practical, real-world experience in the marketplace, enable us to plan and identify potential merger/acquisition candidates and raise the required capital for the deal.

This process includes analyzing the capital structure of our clients and determining the best ways to accomplish an acquisition or merger. We assist our clients in developing comprehensive financial plans with varied capital structures. We guide our clients toward an optimal financial structure for achieving their goals.

Our support includes an evaluation of our client's company and the targeted merger/acquisition candidate. It also includes a fairness opinion, tax planning analysis and financial structure options for the transaction. The information that we generate is critical when making decisions to acquire or merge.

After the Merger
The hard work often starts after the merger or acquisition has been completed. Our clients hire us to provide the expertise, competency and capability needed to ensure the success of the merger or acquisition. It is one thing to make the investment and spend the money, but it is another to ensure that the true value of the transaction is fully realized.

Companies operate with different information systems, cost   structures and cultures, which can result in problems after the merger is completed. The key to effective and efficient mergers and acquisitions is not the purchase or merger itself, but rather the success in implementing an effective integration of the two companies.  With our professional staff and 25 years of experience in supporting companies, we assist our clients in achieving successful mergers.

We provide the capability to support the merger/acquisition once it has taken place and we provide the required talent to deal with the many problems that almost always arise. We have found from our experience that we are "success insurance" for our clients. As an intermediary, we can effectively bring about the needed change in the acquired company.  

We work to bring problems to quick resolution and avoid personal confrontation between the management teams being integrated. We are more than traditional consultants and facilitators because we understand the merger acquisition process. We work to avoid clashes between different management styles, cultures and structures. We have dealt with the same types of problems many times, and we know how to support acquirers in attaining their acquisition and merger goals with the objective of achieving the desired financial results.
Mergers and Acquisitions