DSJ Consulting, LLC
DSJ, or its professionals, have been retained in a wide variety of engagements over the past five years.  The following are representative.  Please see our Restructuring Transactions page for additional representative transactions.

Assisted an FCC licensed wireless telecommunications company in placing approximately $150 million in debt for infrastructure development and construction.  Our role was to supervise the financial modeling of the client and to present the opportunity to financing sources provided by DSJ to the client.  The debt was negotiated and a firm commitment issued by a major international bank and accepted by our client.

Placed a firm commitment for our client to build 60 telecommunication towers and other infrastructure placement for approximately $40.0 million with a major money center bank.

Placed numerous commitments for wireless telecom companies to build new tower sites.

Negotiated an agreement for our client to receive a credit enhancement for its debt with an S&P "A" rated company to reduce its overall interest expense in exchange for a contract to provide goods and services to our client.

Arranged the sale of highly successful specialty manufacturing concern that had 8 partners to regional competitor.

Negotiated and arranged a commitment from a major international re-insurance company to insure its debt with an international bank.  The policy permitted the client to be funded which otherwise would have been difficult to accomplish at a workable cost of borrowing.

Software Development Company:
Advised a major publicly traded banking software company on the structure and delivery of a corporate finance servicing system.  Provided the functional design for usage in US based commercial banks.

Placed over $1.0 million in equity for a Carnegie Mellon spin-off, which developed new imaging conversion technology.

Internet Company:
Assisted a new application service provider in developing its financial model, forecasts and overall business plan.  Used these tools to market approximately $7.0 million in new equity for the founders of the company.

Real Estate:
Arranged a refinance of 17 multi-family apartment complexes originally purchased from the RTFC.  Our client was a 100-year-old real estate management company located in New York.  This debt was placed with a major US Bank and all properties were located in Colorado.  One single financing combined these properties.

Mortgage Banking:
Advised the client, a medium sized mortgage bank, in restructuring its warehouse line of credit to avoid a default.  The results lowered out clients interest rate and softened the covenants to make the line more flexible.

Arranged for the sale of $25 million in sub-prime residential mortgages from one bank to another.

Please see the Restructuring Transactions page
Representative Transactions